Grosse Pointe, Michigan natives Ray and Maribeth Fink moved to Northeast Florida to be closer to family. After renting nearby for a while, they decided to explore Wildlight, where they bought their beautiful new home in August 2019. Their daughter soon found a place of her own right in town. Now, over a year later, the Finks say they couldn’t be happier with the community their family calls home.

“Some of the other places we looked at were more geared to the older crowd or different styles. This is more open, more relaxed,” Ray said, adding that it’s a great place for kids to run around and play. “It’s pretty peaceful here.”

The Finks’ 8-year-old grandson has been attending Wildlight Elementary School since its inaugural school year in 2017. Maribeth, who enjoys the short walk to pick him up from school, says she’s thrilled with his experience there.

“If you have children, I don’t think you can beat Wildlight Elementary. The teachers are very caring. They’re very dedicated,” she said. “They want the kids to learn. It’s just really a nice environment for them.”

The couple say they were also drawn to Wildlight’s unique neighborhood feel.

“We’ve got good neighbors all around us,” Ray said. “We can count on them, we can do things together and it’s just good that you can talk to the neighbors. A lot of communities, you don’t have that anymore.”

Between the monthly social events and the feeling of pride they share with their neighbors in maintaining their homes, Ray and Maribeth have truly found a sense of belonging.

“It’s one of those places I just walked in, looked at it and just felt at home,” Maribeth said.