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So, you’re home for a while. Spending your days under a roof and in a handful of rooms you know very well – in fact, you know them even better now. But if home sweet home is feeling a little less sweet or you feel like you or your loved ones are climbing the walls, here are some ways to pass the time and even have some fun doing it.

Learn to cook a new dish. Now’s a great time to build up your cooking skills. Find a simple recipe that fits the ingredients you have on hand or check which of your local farms are offering delivery service for fresh produce so you can make your favorite lowcountry dish. Right now, cooking celebrities like Alton Brown are sharing great tips, too. Not feeling up to cooking? Support your favorite local restaurant by ordering takeout!

Catch up on chores. Okay, okay, this just sounds like adding insult to injury. But those projects you’ve been putting off, like spring cleaning, doing your taxes or fixing things up around the house are a great way to burn a few hours of the day. And when you’re done, you can enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

Perform an experiment. If you’ve got kids, even they might be getting tired of toys or excess screen time. The good news is you can dazzle and delight with at-home experiments using household items. Make a canola oil lava lamp or mix food coloring with baking soda and vinegar for a colorful twist on the classic science project volcano.

Throw a party online. Getting together via video conference has become a major trend, and here’s a fun twist: Pick some songs, a play or a favorite book; do some rehearsing; then invite friends and family for a special performance. It’s another great way to get kids involved, or you could have everyone on the invite list prepare and put on a teleconferenced talent show!

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