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A white house with palm trees in front of it.

Beating the Heat FLOCO-Style
What should we thank for the charm and beauty of our Florida Lowcountry (FLOCO) architecture? Days are mostly sunny and hot, therefore some architectural elements make FLOCO homes distinctive because they were designed to beat the heat. Large high windows allow the breeze to refresh hot rooms. High ceilings create space for air to rise. Raised first floors allow air to circulate under houses for a cooling effect.

We Saved the Best for Last

The Front Porch
It blocks the hot sunlight from overheating interiors. It’s a shady place to cool off. Most importantly, it’s an outdoor living area where we connect with our community, friends, family, neighbors and the outdoors. Looking to turn your front porch into an outdoor oasis? Here’s how:

Ten Front Porch Must-Haves
1.  A rocking chair. More than one, of course. They’re the best seats in the house for melting stress, catching up and napping.
2.  A glider or porch swing—when you need to get close for cozier conversations.
3.  Sweet tea for cooling off, and tables to set your glasses within reach.
4.  A friendly, tail-wagging porch-sitting pooch. Don’t have one? Borrow the neighbor’s or adopt!
5.  Plants in pots, big and small. Try geraniums for color that pops.
6.  Fans to keep the warm air moving. Hand fans or electric will do.
7.  Bug spray to stop pesky pests from ruining your evening.
8.  Background, toe-tapping music.
9.  Light. String lights and lanterns add charming ambiance to porch-sitting evenings.
10. Finally, good company. Your neighbor, kids, mother…whoever you need to catch up with, love to talk to, or just want to sit quietly with. And sometimes, no company at all.

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