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The great outdoors of North Florida.

Northern Florida is one of the most biologically diverse and naturally captivating areas of the country, so it’s no wonder residents like to get out and experience the surrounding wilderness. From hiking and biking to getting out on the water, there’s so much to do, it can be helpful to have a jumping off point.

Walk and talk with the animals

Step onto a hiking trail or greenway and you’re guaranteed to see and hear the variety of animals making their home among the trees and marshes of northern Florida. Blue herons, great egrets, osprey and eagles are just a few of the birds you might see overhead, along with squirrels, turtles and other creatures on the land. And it’s easy to find a path that will take you directly from the woodlands to the expansive vistas of a beach-two incredible experiences in one trip.

Plenty of parks for recreation

Beyond the inland trails and bike paths, there are dozens of parks to choose from just a few miles east on the Atlantic coast. Amelia Island offers a wide assortment of beaches, paths and water sports. And to the south, there are 23 city, state and national parks in the Big Talbot Island area alone.

Pick your place to kayak.

Coastal islands offer a choice of water sports, including kayaking on either the river side or ocean side of the shore. River kayaking is a more relaxing experience, where you’re likely to see a variety of marshland wildlife. Ocean kayaking puts you into more open waters, where you can experience the waves and breathe in the salt air. It can be a difficult choice, but the good news is there’s no wrong answer.