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Being a Good Neighbor to Nature

When building a community of new homes, it’s important to remember the homes that were already there – the natural habitats of local plants and animals. With proper planning and policies for conservation, even a city-sized development can be eco-conscious and help the surrounding wilderness to thrive.

Let it be
Wildlight is committed to protecting the natural environment. As part of that commitment, roughly half of our community’s 2,900 acres will be dedicated as a conservation habitat network upon build-out. This is land that will remain undeveloped so wildlife can live peacefully, and residents can enjoy the untouched beauty of natural wetlands, forests and more.

Not just for animals
Hiking and biking trails, water sports and other outdoor spaces and activities encourage residents to experience the surrounding wilderness. And as appreciation grows for the local flora and fauna, members of the community take it upon themselves to protect the environment as well. It’s a true symbiotic relationship from which everyone, every animal and every plant can benefit.

Planting the future
Trees are critical to the natural beauty and sustainability of the environment. In Wildlight, when trees must be cut down to clear space, new trees continue to be planted so the surrounding space will benefit from the natural shade, air filtering and habitats they provide for generations to come.