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A sock filled with oranges on a wooden table.

Florida may not have the quintessential snow-covered holiday landscape, but Lowcountry is rich with traditions celebrated by all our citizens. At Wildlight, our community loves coming together to celebrate pretty much anything, and the holiday season is just one big excuse for a party. Here are a few ways that the folks here celebrate the season Lowcountry-style:

Serve Up A Shrimp Boil
Lowcountry is known for its amazing seafood, and the holidays are a perfect time to enjoy the bounty of shrimp that Florida waters have to offer. From the Atlantic to the Gulf, this area has the best shrimp around, and making a dish everyone will love couldn’t be easier. Just pick up a batch of shrimp, season your broth and boil them up for a holiday feast that is uniquely Southeast.

Citrus In Your Stocking
This may be more of a Florida thing than strictly Lowcountry, but one fun and very Southern tradition is putting oranges in the holiday stocking along with any gifts. The bright and sweet fruit is festive, fun and good for you, too! (And it makes a great filler in that pesky toe region.)

Deep-Fried Turkey
Though it’s become popular nationwide, the tradition of deep-frying turkey was invented in the South. The frying process locks in the juices that can be lost when roasting the big bird, so you never have to worry about getting a piece of dry meat. Just remember: deep frying food requires attention and caution; just be careful and your holiday will stay happy!

Pecan Pie
Admittedly, this is a lot of food, but what are holidays if not a great time to feast with family and friends? December falls at the end of pecan harvesting season, and so plenty of those nuts go into delicious, sticky-sweet pecan pie. A slice of this traditional Southern dessert is the perfect way to cap off a meal (and we challenge you to grab a second slice without filling up)!

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