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A family standing in front of a home.

Jonathan and Crystal Boswell knew just where to find the perfect neighborhood to raise their two daughters and enjoy being part of a close-knit community: Floco!

“Floco, to us, means Lowcountry living. More front porch living, community involvement, and the style of homes also represents that same feel,” Jonathan said.

Between the convenient commute to work, the short walk to Wildlight Elementary School and the miles of nature trails, the couple felt that Wildlight’s location couldn’t be beat. But there’s one thing that really stood out to them the most.

“Front porch living is one of the biggest differences within this community that we’ve seen,” Crystal said.

“Growing up, I had grandparents that always had [a front porch] but we never did,” Jonathan said. “Now on Sunday mornings, we’ll get our cup of coffee, go out on the front porch and enjoy the sunrise or in the evenings we’ll enjoy the sunset.”

Coming from a neighborhood where Jonathan described the community space as “non-existent,” the Boswells couldn’t be happier with their decision to move to Wildlight.

“The community feel is just bar none better than any place we’ve been before.’

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