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Northeast Florida is booming and making room for new arrivals. New York’s Long Island is frozen in the 20th century.

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WILDLIGHT, Fla. (Dec. 6, 2022) – PulteGroup, one of the nation’s leading homebuilders, has announced plans for its newest neighborhood, Hawthorn Park, coming soon to the Wildlight community, a master-planned mixed-use development in Nassau County.

The new construction single-family home community will consist of 25 50-foot homesites and 49 bungalow-style homes with rear-loading garages. Hawthorn Park at Wildlight will embody the community’s overall Florida Lowcountry and coastal aesthetic. Development is underway and sales are anticipated to open in mid-2023.

“We are thrilled to be building on our success at Forest Park and proud to announce our next community at Wildlight, Hawthorn Park,” said Tony Nason, PulteGroup’s Northeast Florida Division President. “With Wildlight’s superb location, excellent local schools and outstanding recreation offerings combined with the value Pulte offers, we expect strong home buyer interest at Hawthorn Park.” As Wildlight’s newest neighborhood, Hawthorn Park is truly unique. Surrounded by three ponds in close proximity to the trail system, residents will have plenty of opportunities to bike, kayak and birdwatch. And although it may feel like a private sanctuary, it’s still a short bike or golf cart ride away to Wildlight’s village center with a variety of restaurants and services, including a new Publix.

“We really value our partnership with PulteGroup and are excited about the future.” said Wes Hinton, vice
president, Wildlight. “Hawthorn Park will be a unique addition to their existing Forest Park and Del Webb communities that have been so instrumental in shaping the residential landscape here at Wildlight.”
Hawthorn Park is a welcomed addition to Wildlight’s initial phase, consisting of 2,900 acres with a mix of residential homesites, multi-family apartments, an expansive town center including a new Publix, top rated schools, and UF Health and YMCA facilities already in place. Miles of trails, creative parks and amenities, and almost half of the community dedicated to green space create a healthy and vibrant environment for residents.

For information on the two additional communities at Wildlight – Forest Park at Wildlight and the popular age-restrictedDel Webb Wildlight visit or call (904) 595-9180.

We had a thought. What if our town in nature included even more of the nature part? So we got to work and planned new parks, trails and more. And the best part (besides all the new outdoor activities to do here?) It will all be ready in 2023. 

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming. 

Coin Toss Park
It’s the ultimate place to play at Wildlight. From tennis to pickleball, sand volleyball to basketball, we’ve got your favorite sports covered. And with two event lawns, this will be the perfect spot for community events. There will be climbing structures for the kids. An off-leash area for the dogs. And golf cart parking for those who want to get here on four wheels. 

Whistling Duck Pond
We took a cue from this spot’s namesake, and made it a relaxing place to spend lazy days on the water. Take a kayak out onto the pond. Walk on a surrounding trail. Or, if you’d rather, just sit on a bench and listen to the quiet calm of the gentle waves. 

Four O’Clock Park
Little known fact: Four O’Clock is a type of wildflower that will be planted in this park. But the name is about more than that. It’s also about the feeling of freedom that comes with the end of a school or workday — when you have time to work out or just relax. And you can do just that here, thanks to a hammock grove, fitness area, trails and a pond overlook.  

We can’t wait for these parks to be complete — and we’re even more excited for you to enjoy them. Stay tuned. We’ll keep you updated on our progress! And if reading about all the new parks makes you want to buy a new home here, well, we can help with that. 

Our Porchfest Model Home Tour was a fun-filled couple of weeks, and a celebration of community—from the fresh homes to the fresh food and the fresh air. We gathered together to celebrate neighbors, nature and all the things that make Wildlight so special.

For those who couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed: live music from local artists (a feast for the ears), six beautiful model homes to tour (a feast for the eyes) and delicious fare from local eateries (a feast for … well, a literal feast).

It was our way of showcasing the wonderful way that Wildlight lives. We like to say we’re a new kind of Florida lowcountry. A town in nature, where your new home is an easy walk or ride (bike or golf cart) from a town center full of shops, restaurants, a YMCA, parks and trails. A place where, whether you prefer coastal or Craftsman, you can find a home that fits your flavor. And a spot where, without a doubt, the porch is the perfect place to spend time with family and friends.

We already can’t wait for next time.×419.jpg×419.jpg×419.jpg×419.jpg×419.jpg

The Hamlet at Wildlight, a 250-unit single family rental community, is coming soon to Wildlight.  The Hamlet at Wildlight will include cottages, townhomes and duplexes.

Read more about it here:

With over 60 years as a family-owned builder, local Dostie Homes has a quality reputation for building quality homes. And at Wildlight, you’ll see their commitment and professionalism at work. Because Dostie Homes makes building your home all about you (imagine that).

From the moment you pick your floorplan (they have 8 to choose from in Founder’s Park) to the day you move in, they will help you craft a home that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Of course, Dostie Homes live as stylishly as they do flexibly. With details like welcoming front porches, architectural details that reflect the region’s heritage and history, and living spaces that take advantage of Wildlight’s natural surroundings.

If all this sounds ideal, you have to hurry. Dostie Homes is down to their remaining townhomes—the last opportunity to live in Founder’s Park. With 8 floorplans ranging from 1,365–2,015 square feet, these homes offer features like main floor owners’ retreats, 3–4 bedrooms and 2–2.5 baths—plus optional bonus rooms for workdays and movie nights.

The question now is, which one is right for you?

View Homes >

Dostie Homes Wildlight two-story townhomes with green exterior and white trim and large front porch.

Dostie Homes Floorplans

We are excited to announce the groundbreaking of our newest neighborhood, Del Webb Wildlight! Land development is now underway as Del Webb prepares to bring their signature combination of quality homes, inspired designs and resort-style amenities to Wildlight for residents 55 and older.

The gated neighborhood will feature 660 homes with a variety of Lowcountry floorplans and welcoming front porches, plus exclusive clubhouse amenities including a pool, fitness center, sports courts and much more.

“Wildlight is the perfect place for Del Webb because both brands focus on a healthy and active lifestyle,” said Justin Dudley, Vice President of Land Acquisition at Pultegroup, the builder behind Del Webb Active Adult Communities.

Interested in starting your next chapter at Del Webb Wildlight? Watch the video above to learn more!

The new YMCA at Wildlight has opened its doors and we’re so excited to give you a look at some of the amazing programs and perks available for Wildlight residents!

“We’re ready to welcome the community into our facility, support them as they reach their health and wellness goals, connect them to other resources and invite them to join our cause,” said Melissa, Operations Director of YMCA at Wildlight.

One of the biggest benefits of the new YMCA is its convenient, walkable location.

“You can literally live and walk right across the street from the Y and then go out on our trails. Everything is just integrated,” said Wes Hinton, Wildlight’s VP of Community Development. “UF Health has been a great partner in bringing the Y here. It’s just a huge benefit to our residents.”

Check out the video to learn more!

This is the third post in our UF Health Wildlight series. Throughout this series, we’ll be interviewing various UF Health professionals about services and wellness practices that can help our residents live their healthiest lives.

As we’ve learned from our previous two UF Health Series posts, The UF Health Rehabilitation – Wildlight team offers a unique tri-disciplinary approach to pediatric therapy services.

We’ve seen how Physical Therapist Jessie Walczak and her team work with children on movement. We talked with Speech-Language Pathologist Ashley Parker about how she and her team help children with speech delays learn to communicate. Today, we’re pleased to introduce Shannon Taylor, an occupational therapist who helps children improve fine motor skills, sensory processing and daily life skills.

Could Occupational Therapy Help Your Child?

“Pure magic” is a term Shannon Taylor, an occupational therapist at UF Health Rehabilitation – Wildlight, has heard parents use to describe the gains their children make from therapy. Many children enter therapy unable to perform basic daily living tasks, such as getting dressed, self-feeding or brushing their teeth, and go on to master those skills and many more that facilitate independence of daily activities at home and school.

“Being an occupational therapist is a very rewarding career. I get to see children on a day-to-day basis make progress, whether big or small,” Taylor said.

Behaviors related to sensory processing difficulties, self-care delays and fine motor deficits can leave parents with many questions and concerns. An occupational therapy evaluation may be warranted if a parent is noticing that their child is having difficulty with any of the following areas below. It is important to talk to your pediatrician if you have questions about your child’s development.

o Difficulty dressing, fastening buttons and tying shoelaces

o Using silverware or straws at an age appropriate level

o Using zippers

o Holding a bottle and moving toys from one hand to another by 5 months old

o Banging two objects together and holding a spoon by 9 months old

o Pointing with an index finger by 9 to 12 months old

o Using thumb and finger to pick up objects by 12 months old

o Coloring and tracing

o Difficulty holding a pencil

o Holding and manipulating toys

o Letter and number formation

o Poor handwriting

o Using scissors

o Constantly moving, jumping and crashing

o Demonstrating sensitivities to touch, taste, sound or movement

o Difficulty coping with change

o Easily distracted

Pediatric occupational therapy can provide personalized services to children from birth to teenage years. They use age-appropriate, purposeful activities to minimize the effects of diseases, injuries, congenital defects, disabilities or developmental delays so the child can live and learn to his or her full potential.

In addition to occupational therapy, UF Health Rehabilitation – Wildlight offers physical and speech therapy. Many kids who have significant developmental delays benefit from two and sometimes all three disciplines. The specialists work together to give patients and families a customized treatment plan to help meet their needs.

To learn more about pediatric physical therapy services at UF Health Rehabilitation–Wildlight, please visit their website at or call 904.427.8300.

This is the second post in our UF Health Wildlight series. Throughout this series, we’ll be interviewing various UF Health professionals about services and wellness practices that can help our residents live their healthiest lives.

In our last UF Health Series blog post, we learned from Pediatric Physical Therapist Jessie Walczak about how the UF Health Rehabilitation – Wildlight team helps children move more confidently. Today, we’re introducing Ashley Parker, a pediatric speech-language pathologist whose focus is empowering children with speech delays to unlock their inner voice.

Does Your Child Need Speech Therapy?

Every night for the last three years, a local mom put her son to bed and said, “Love you, love you, love you.” He was old enough to speak, but wasn’t able to respond. After a month of speech therapy, he looked at his mom and said, “Love you, love you, love you” right back.

For Ashley Parker, a pediatric speech-language pathologist at UF Health Rehabilitation – Wildlight, stories such as these remind her that her career is more than science — it’s work that comes from the heart.

“When I hear things like that, not just as a therapist, but also as a mom, it keeps me going,” Parker said.

Parker works with children with speech difficulties. They might have trouble speaking, deciding which words to say or understanding the meaning of some words. Parker also helps children with feeding, swallowing and behavior difficulties.

One of the early signs of a speech disorder in children is not babbling by the time they are 6 months old. Examples of babble sounds are “bababa,” “ahhh,” “uhhh” and “ehhh.” By the time a baby is 12 to 13 months old, they should have at least one word they use consistently for an item, even if it isn’t the correct word, such as saying “baba” for bottle. They should also be able to understand a one-step direction and point to things they see or want.

By 18 months, toddlers should have a minimum of 10 words in their vocabulary, with the average child having around 50 words. Parents should look for their child to be learning new words consistently, both receptively and expressively, and talk to their pediatrician for a speech therapy referral if they have concerns about their child’s development.

Children 3 years and older should have appropriate speech articulation, or how well their words are understood. Some speech sound errors are age appropriate at age 3, like saying /w/ for /r/ as in “wace” for “race.” Consulting with a speech-language pathologist can give a parent a good idea of whether or not their child’s speech clarity is appropriate for their age.

In addition to speech therapy, UF Health Rehabilitation – Wildlight offers occupational and physical therapy. Many kids who have significant developmental delays benefit from two, and sometimes all three, disciplines. The specialists work together to give patients and families a customized treatment plan to help meet their needs.

To learn more about pediatric physical therapy services at UF Health Rehabilitation–Wildlight, please visit their website at or call 904.427.8300.