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Labor Day can be a little bittersweet, as holidays go. Of course, it marks the unofficial end of summer, but you also get to kick back for a long weekend. At Wildlight, the warm days don’t end with the arrival of September, but with school starting up and work schedules coming off vacation time, Labor Day is still a great excuse to celebrate with friends and family with summertime traditions.

Throw a Neighborhood Barbecue
Break out the charcoal and gather at a local park &ndash or someone’s backyard &ndash and share good times over burgers, hot dogs, salads and more. It doesn’t take much to make a memorable party this way, the outdoor environment and simple pleasures are a perfect recipe for happy memories. Of course, if you really want to celebrate Lowcountry style, check out the next recommendation…

Do a Lowcountry Boil
If barbecue is quintessential Americana, a Lowcountry boil is the local flavor. Friends and neighbors gathering around for fresh seafood, sharing the day and filling their plates is a tradition that can’t be matched. Be advised: the delicious smell may attract folks from the block who you haven’t met before, but that’s how new friends are made! For more tips on a Lowcountry boil, you can check out this blog post.

Make a Splash
With kids going back to school, they’ll love an opportunity to dive into the water for some aquatic action! The beach is a perfect place to gather and have fun before it’s time to get back into the workday or schoolday routine. From Wildlight, the beach and all its excitement are just half an hour away on Amelia Island. Take the long weekend as a chance to get wet, soak up the sun and make memories.

Spend Time with Family
It’s easy to get caught up in our schedules &ndash whether it’s a job, a project to work on or after-school activities. Labor Day is a time to put on the brakes and focus on those closest to you. Instead of big plans, you can just make time together as a family, to enjoy some outdoor activities, cook together, or just relax. When life gets busy again, you’ll be glad you took the time to be together.

Our community is built for gathering and celebrating together, and Labor Day is a wonderful time to do just that. Take the long weekend to stop worrying about work and just enjoy the company of those closest to you, to socialize with your favorite people, and maybe make some new friends, too!