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The kids are out of school — and full of energy. Good thing we know where they can get some of it out of their systems. The YMCA at Wildlight has programs and services for everyone to participate in.

Summer Camps
One of the most popular is the camps for kids ages 5–12. The YMCA has a wide range, including half-day specialty camps and full-day options — all offering the opportunity to learn new skills, find new hobbies and make new friends. The Y also offers swim lessons and swim tests for kids and adults alike. Active duty military? The Wildlight Y has a camp for kids of active-duty members through their Operation Hero program.

Sports Programs
The YMCA fun goes beyond camps. The Y has youth sports programs to get the kids moving, with youth basketball at the McArthur Family YMCA, and flag football and soccer at the YMCA at Wildlight. These leagues are another great way for kids to build camaraderie with their peers and develop friendships that will last beyond even the summer. (And the games are fun to watch, too!) And teens don’t need to feel left out of the fun. There are awesome opportunities to be camp counselors. (Just ask Autumn Franks.)

Fun for All Ages
The YMCA at Wildlight also has opportunities for the entire family to get out of the house, like the Families Unplugged series. It’s a chance to unplug and connect outside the house, without technology. (Kids not on phones … remember what that’s like?) And if you want to have a date night, Parent’s Night Out lets you go out together, and know that the kids are safe and staying occupied, having fun with games and arts & crafts.

It’s going to be a busy summer, and thanks to the Y, boredom won’t be a thing. Interested in becoming a member or learning more about the programs and services they offer? Stop by the Wildlight Y in person (it’s right in the community!), or visit online at