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Trails at Wildlight featuring beautiful trees and water.
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These days, getting outdoors is a rare retreat, and hiking is a great way to enjoy the best of nature while getting some exercise in as well. You can take in the sights, discover local plants and animals, and soak up the sun. Plus, you’ll knock out your daily steps goal and get a healthy dose of cardio in for the day.

Wildlight is proud to announce its first set of hiking trails has opened, part of a larger plan for more than 10 miles of hiking throughout its community. With a variety of options including paved and natural paths, with routes of varying lengths, anyone can find the perfect route for an outdoor excursion. It’s one more way nature meets the neighborhood in this Floco community.

But wherever you hike, it’s important to be prepared to make sure you have a fun and safe experience on the trails. Here are a few tips for a healthy, happy hike:

  1. Think feet first. Get a comfortable pair of hiking boots or walking shoes. After a few miles, a little cushioning will make a world of difference.
  2. Stick to the trail. Unless you’re a seasoned outdoorsman or experienced with a map and compass, you don’t want to get lost. Maintained trails are the best way to know where you’re going.
  3. Consider a hiking backpack for small children. Young ones love to get outdoors, but may need to rest sooner than you’d like. A hiking backpack with a child seat avoids the issues of a stroller on the rough terrain, and protects your back by distributing the weight appropriately.
  4. Stay hydrated. Even a leisurely hike can use up your body’s water, so be sure to bring a bottle of water or other hydrating beverage to avoid cramps and heat afflictions.
  5. Plan to eat. In addition to hydrating, refueling is critical to finishing that hike without feeling miserable. If it’s an all-day hike, be sure to have a lunch that will provide some protein and carbohydrates to keep you going. For shorter hikes, snacks like nuts, trail mix or cereal bars will keep you going.
  6. Be a good trail neighbor. When you come upon other hikers, be courteous and make room for others to pass; it only takes a few seconds and makes everyone’s day easier.

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